10 steps to become a Great lawyer

A lawyer is a licensed professional who advises and represents others in legal matters. Today's lawyer can be young or old, male or female.
Nearly one-third of all lawyers are under thirty-five years old. Almost half of the law students today are women, and women may ultimately be as numerous in the profession as men.
In this article we have broken down the steps to be a lawyer. Follow the steps in order to become a lawyer. By knowing what to do you will be prepared and able to achieve your goal.

in this article i want to tell u that there is step become great lawyer..
These are the steps :

1. Obtain bachelor degree from university or college. You should get bachelor degree because associates degree is not enough to enter law school.

2. Do not worry about your choice of major because it does not really matter. You only have to pay attention on your GPA because it determines whether you can take the chance to get into law school or not.

3. Take LSAT or Law School Admission Test. This test must be taken to be able to enter law school.

4. Enter law school. You will be able to enter the school if you have good GPA and LSAT score.

5. Study hard during law school years. It usually takes 3 years before you can graduate from the school. If you choose the program with part time option, you will have to spend more than 3 years.

6. Study hard for every exam. There are also essays that you have to work on. Be well prepared because commonly they will take bar review.

7. If you want to practice law, you have to pass the bar exam. Every state has different requirement but commonly the states use the material from Bar Examiners.

8. You also have to pass character and fitness evaluation because the applicants should never have any criminal record. And there are also credit reports, traffic tickets, abuse issues, and also medical records that need to be examined.

9. After you get the ticket to practice law, you should look for career opportunities. Find the best career opportunity that can make you able to practice.

10.  Be a good lawyer for your whole time.

well, above it is some way to become a lawyer who is reliable. please you learn one by one
wish you success Guys.


  1. More importantly, it is the attitude that matters the most. Always strive to be honorable and respectful. Since some legal professionals have developed a particularly negative reputation, you need to start changing it through your own ways. After all, everything depends on your desire to be good. :)

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