Make healthy Threat in Halloween day

It was immobile summer when giant bags of Halloween candy ongoing appearing by amass shelves. So therefore, the bakeries and cafes upped the ante, roughly the fluorescent-orange-frosted cupcakes and cookies. You're conflicted: the adult in you hates Halloween advertise, on the contrary the 10-year-old immobile salivates on the sight of all that pleasant stuff. The good newscast is that you and your kids can have the benefit of profusion of Halloween goodies without free into sugar shock. Here are some ideas for Halloween treats with a healthy twist.

1. Veggie madness: Adam at Men in Aprons did a great job creating a Haunted Forest Platter: its got broccoli "trees", hard-boiled egg "ghosts" and plenty of other creepy creatures made from vegetables.
2. Easy, queasy appetizer: For an eyeball-ish appetizer, follow startcooking's recipe for Deviled Eggs. They can be topped with either green or black slided olive "irises". Better Homes and Gardens took it one step further in the photo below by adding asparagus eyebrows and using really great shaped plates!
3. Forget the Candy: We all love candy but there are so many Healthy Trick or Treat Alternatives. Including:

Cereal bars
Snack packets of dried fruit, baked pretzels, nut and seeds
Trail mix
Animal crackers
100 calorie packs of various products
Single serve boxes of ready-to-eat cereal
Raisins and chocolate covered raisins
Fig cookies
Mini boxes of raisins
Individual juice drinks (100% juice)
Single-serve packets of low-fat microwave popcorn
Sugar-free hot chocolate or apple cider packets

4. SOS (Save Our Seeds): If you are planning on carving a pumpkin, hang on to the seeds and roast them for a savory snack.

5. Make Jell-O even spookier: If you whip up a package of orange Jell-O following the package directions and set some plastic spiders or other creepy crawlies on top, you've got a simple, non-fat Halloween dessert. If you are feeling more adventurous, try some Spooky Jell-o Jigglers!

6. Calling all cookie monsters: Instead of going for store-bought, try the Skinny Chef's pumpkin-shaped peanut butter cookies.

7. Hot spider! Ooops, that's cider: Hot apple cider, which consists of apple juice, a few spices and orange peel, takes just a few minutes to make. Or try Real Simple's cold Screaming Red Punch with a fake hand (shown below)
Photo: Kevin Kennefick for Storey Publishing

8. Spiced up popcorn: Rather than making the traditional popcorn balls, why not try some of Macheesmo's Five Spice Popcorn for a real flavor explosion! Simply Recipe's Perfect Popcorn Recipe will guarantee no seeds on the bottom of the bowl.

9. Pumpkins, pumpkins and MORE pumpkins: Carving a pumpkin is great fun but when it comes to cooking with pumpkins, it is a lot easier to just buy a can of pumpkin puree. Startcooking's Pumpkin Soup Without the Fuss is a snap to make using pumpkin puree. Or you might want to try Pumpkin Pie for Beginners which comes out perfect every time!

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